The Massachusetts Constable Group, founded by Gerald A. Sewell (Haverhill Constable), is a network of experienced professional constables throughout the Commonwealth working to provide the very best in service of civil process for Attorneys and all others.

Statewide Service
We have a strong relationship with our network of constables that work as a team to assure excellence in service.
It doesn’t get easier than this… Just go to our forms page, select the needed service form to print, fill out, print and fax to our office or the constable of your choice. Most process can be served the very same day.
We will promptly serve all your eviction papers and process upon your tenant(s). All services are completed by Licensed and Bonded Constables. Both Residential and Commercial.
Capias Our Specialty


Summons or Complaints
All Probate Court Documents
Child Support
Past Due Rent Notices
Witness Summons
Demand for bad checks
…and all other types of legal and non-legal writs¬† and¬† Civil Process

We specialize in locating missing witnesses and defendants.


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